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For those clients desiring it, we have the capability of importing frozen semen from these many exciting Swedish stallions owned/managed by Elise Fredriksson of Sweden. Black Coffee 1063 is co-owned by Thora Pollak and Elise Fredriksson.

For further information regarding our breeding program with these fine stallions please contact:

Thora Pollak

Lambourghini 1028


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Lambourghini was born in 1998. By Bellini 817 out of Lambada-Pascall-CrownPoint xx. Lambourghini was given the score of 9-9 for jumping under saddle at his Swedish warmblood stallion performance test and was approved as a jumping stallion.

Notes on his evaluation jumping under saddle:

  • A stallion with good rhythm and balance, good use of his back and good leg technique, plenty of air over fences.
  • Good temperament with a good attitude towards jumping. Good leg technique front and hind. Good attitude.
  • Rider test: Somewhat strong but takes off quickly. Good over fences. Fabulous reaction after hitting fences.

Lambourghini has also shown excellent gaits and was a finalist at the four-year championships and qualified as a five-year-old for the Scandinavian Open in dressage.

His sire Bellini was champion at his Swedish warmblood stallion performance test, receiving the high score of 44 for his exterior, 10-10 for his free jumping, 9-9 for jumping under saddle, 9 for trot, 9 for canter. Lambourghini’s line on the dam´s side is also strong and has produced several offspring in advanced jumping as well as dressage - among others Lansad, Lumette and Pointjack.

Lambourghini is currently in training for competition in jumping as well as dressage.

Lambourghini covered 80 mares during 2003. His offspring are very promising and have received high scores at the foal inspections. He stamps his offspring nicely with his beautiful exterior, his good gaits and fine temperament.

Lambourghini 1028 Conformation

Bellini 817


Gakenda IV


Sweet Mahrhu xx
Isa (23)




Lucci Crown

Crown Point xx
Lambourghini 1028 Trotting
Lambourghini 1028 Free Jumping
Photo Credits:
^ Eva C. Andersson ^

Black Coffee 1063 || Sir Schölling 1073 || Chapman 757 || Lambourghini 1028

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